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The homepage is divided into half, the left side and the right side.
On the left side is the activities from your friends which includes:

  • responses/comments they give/receive
  • new friends they make
  • receiving a best response
  • pictures they uploaded
  • started a new discussion and so on and so forth.
On the left side are all your discussions. They include:
  • Today's top discussion
  • discussions from your interests (which you chose when you signed up)
  • discussions from your friends (at 1st, this will be blank because you haven't made any friends yet
  • discussions you started (which will also be blank if you haven't started a discussion yet)
Here is a screenshot of what a regular mylot homepage looks like:

In the top-right (below the header) corner of your Homepage you'll find the link "add content".

You can add other items like
  • news,
  • weather,
  • discussions,
  • interests,
  • blogs,
  • private messages
You can also delete any content by mousing over the top-right hand side and clicking the "X" that appears. You can also click and drag content (a.k.a. sortie) to rearrange your homepage to your liking.