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Happy New Year from All About myLot! 2009 has been phenomenal for All About myLot. Thanks to your help, it is becoming to the place to discuss everything about myLot! I wish everyone the best in 2010 and hope you will continue to support AAM!

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Alerts are how myLot connects with its members. It's usually to explain an update like they did with the Tasks, or to explain a problem and how all the members can help fix it, like the warning they gave with the abusive tags. Alerts are not used as often as Discussions, but it is a great way to reach everyone.

There is no single button to read your alerts. However, when you do get an alert, a float box will appear with the link. If you want to check your alerts on your own, simply copy-and-paste this link into your address bar:

If you have no alerts, you will get this page:

And that's how to read alerts without the Alert button. Questions, comments, concerns? Address them in the comments or Contact me by clicking HERE:

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MyLot has recently added a new tab to the navigation bar. It comes after the myLot tab and is called Quizzes. MyLot has yet to alert or explain to us this new addition. Many users have found out that most of the quizzes are for U.S. residents only. They have also found out that quizzes do not add to earnings. Yes, they are just there for fun. Not much is known about this new addition so hopefully myLot will explain to us what this is all about.

Have you completed any quizzes? Do you think it was a necessary addition? What do you think about Quizzes? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Discussions and responses are for everyone to read and participate in. They are NOT a place to advertise, post private contact information, or ask a frequently asked question about myLot. There is a much better way to do and that is the message system. Private messages, shortened as PM, are just that, a private message between two people. You can use PM's to do just about anything forbidden in discussions such as send referral links, your website or blog, or ask a common question about myLot.

There are 3 ways to send a new PM using the Messages tab, the Friends tab, and a friend's profile.

PM using Messages tab
1. Click on the Messages tab between the Blog and Friends tabs.
2. Click on Compose
You will be taken to a form similar to that of starting a discussion. Fill out the appropriate boxes, click preview to preview or send message without previewing by clicking send message.

PM using Friends tab
1. Click on the Friends tab next to the Messages tab.
2. Make sure you are on My Friends. Besides each avatar (picture), are three options with the first being send message. Click it and you will be sent to the same form as before, except with the myLot user box filled in.

PM using Profile
1. Click on a friend's profile by click their name.
2. Under their username on the left column of their profile is a green button labeled "Send message." This will have the same effect as the previous method and send you to the PM form with the myLot user blank filled in.

PM using Direct link
There is a 4th way that I did not mention because of its inconvenience. This is by using the direct link.
1. Copy and paste this link into your browser
2. After the = sign, type in the myLot user's name. Again, it takes you to the same form with the myLot user already filled in.

Since all of these methods bring you to the same form, here is a quick guide on how to fill it out.
1. Fill out the boxes with the appropriate content

2. Click Preview to preview your message or Send Message without previewing first.

3A. Add tags and click submit tag(s) **Note: Adding tags is always optional**

3B. Click skip

4. It should now appear in the Messages tab

 **Note**: If you are redirected to the home page, the message probably did not send. Check out these links on the problem and the solution.

To respond to a PM you receive, click on the title of the PM, and click the orange Respond to this Message button
Which way do you use to send a PM? What do you use PM's for? Is there another way of sending PM's? Share your experience using myLot Messages in the comments.

Friends are an important part of our daily lives offline. It is also important to have good friends online because finding people you trust will make earning on the internet a lot easier. Having friends on myLot has its benefits. Here are just a few:
  • Send PMs to friends - ask a question or do referral/site exchanges, or anything else you want
  • Comment on friends' profile and pictures they've uploaded
The Friends tab can be found between the messages and photos tabs. The userface in the Friends section is very user-friendly and self explanatory. Here is a short description of each tab.
  • my friends - a list of all your friends. Additional options such as send message, turn notifications on/off, and delete are by each user's avatar
  • create new friend request - Use this to invite your friends by email. You can also add a specific user as a friend using this tab.
  • approve new friends - All friend requests made by others are here. Click accept or decline to do the respective actions.
  • my pending friend requests - All friend requests made by you are here. They will move to the my friends section once he or she approves you as a friend, or be deleted from this list if they choose to decline.
To add friends:
1. Go to a user's profile. You can do this by clicking on any user's name.
2. Click Add as a Friend under the username. If this option is replaced by Send Message, then you are already friends. If it reads Pending friend Request, that means you requested to be their friend, but they have not yet accepted. You can adjust your settings to receive an email alert when they accept your friend requests.
**Alternatively, you can click on the create new friend request tab to add a specific user as a friend.**

The add as a friend will change to a red pending friend request (as shown above) once you click it. It will to to a green send message box (as shown below) once they accept your friend request. You can use this to send PMs.
And your done! Now you can communicate with your friends through private messages.

You can also turn email notifications on or off. If they are on, you will be emailed every time that friend starts a discussion.
To turn notifications on or off, simply go to the my friends tab and click the notify is off/on option to turn them on/off. You can also delete friends in the same manner by clicking delete below the notify is on/off option.

By clicking on notify is off, you can change it to notify is on and vice versa. This means myLot will email you to notify you of a discussion this friend started. The delete button is the last of the 3 options.

Having lots of friends has its pros and cons.
  • More people that respond to your discussions, which equals more earnings
  • Receive lots of updates for discussions started by friends (can be turned on/off)
  • Not all of your friends may feel like a real friend
  • Hard to find friends if they are too many
  • Inactive users may not respond to your discussions or PMs
It is up to you to choose which members to add as a friend. They could be your closest buddies or just someone to share links with. Or a combination of both. It's all up to you. You should note that for the convenience of contacting your referrals, anyone who joins myLot will automatically be sent a referral request on your behalf. They must accept your friend request before you can contact them though.

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As many myLot members have noticed and complained, there has been a flood of poor and inaccurate tagging lately. myLot has sent an alert to everyone reminding members to use tags correctly.

The alert is just reminding users the consequence of abusing and misusing tags, which is termination of your account. So one bit of advice, do not misuse tags if you want to keep your account! You can find more information about tagging by reading the Tagging FAQ.

**Before we get started, please note that profile picture and avatar mean the same thing in this context.**
Your profile picture a.k.a. avatar, is the picture next to your username. It appears everywhere, by your discussions and responses, on your profile, and other various places on myLot, usually wherever your discussions are. Today I will show you the simply steps to customizing your profile picture something more personal.

1. Click on Preferences at the top

2. Click on Browse

On Windows XP, you will see this familiar window:

On Mac OSX, you will see this familiar window:

3. Browse for your new profile picture and click Open

The location of the file you choose is now in the blank.
4. Click Update at the bottom

And you're done! Your new profile picture will have taken the place of the original.

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I apologize for the lack of updates for the past two months. I hoped everyone enjoyed their summer as I know I did. Now back to business. I will try my best to update the site, speed up the blog, and hopefully myLot will fix any technical issues they may be facing as you may notice. This is why the myLot discussions doesn't show up sometimes. Check back for updates soon!

And if you have any suggestions, questions, comments, or concerns, be sure to contact me using the Contact form or send an email to You can also use the Chatroll forum to leave me a comment or question.

If you want to earn money at myLot while still enjoying all it has to offer, referrals are a definite must. But what are referrals, how do I get them, and how much can I earn from them? In this post, I will discuss the answer to these questions.

Who and What are referrals?
Referrals are anyone that joins myLot (or any other Get-Paid-To site) using your link. Your link in myLot can be found in the Earnings area under the Referrals tab. It will look something like this:
Referrals can be anyone, from family and friends, to co-workers and even random strangers you meet online. Whoever they are, referrals are a key to increaseing your earnings at myLot.

How do I get referrals?
There are many ways to gain referrals. The first way is the best and the easiest. Ask anyone you know, such as friends and family members, to join you in myLot. You can help them get started or redirect them to this blog. Family and friends are the best referrals because you are in contact with them offline and you can personally help them. It is also hard for them to resist as opposed to a complete stranger telling to join a site.
You could also do referral or link exchanges. You join someone's else site as their referral, and they do the same for you. Be careful though, this is an easy way to get scammed. However, if you join some forums, it can be easy to find trustworthy people to do link exchanges with. Remember to be honest and polite, and to stay active on other people's sites so they will do the same for you. Digital Point and Earn Money Space are two of my favorite forums.
Lastly, there are referral programs (websites) out there for gaining referrals. I would recommend this as a last resort. You can read more about them and how to use them by visiting this blog post: How to Use Referral Programs

How much can I earn from them?
This really depends on how active your referrals are and how many you have. It is very hard to find active members so don't be disappointed if you are not earning from your referrals. You only earn 25% from referrals, so if a referral only earns a cent a day, you won't always earn from them. The more referrals you have, the more chance that one will be active, and the more you will earn. I currently have 43 referrals, and most of them are inactive. Here is my earnings for the month of June so far:

As you can see, I have not been very active, and have earned only $0.10 from my referrals. But for most people that is still a lot. It means that you will have to earn less on your own to reach the minimum payout. Hopefully this can help you understand the potential of referral earnings.

Referrals are very hard to get. Consider yourself lucky if you have even one active referral. They will be very helpful in the long run. Because they are so hard to get, I recommend you reaching the minimum payout first and getting paid so that you can show potential referrals that myLot is not a scam and actually does pay. After you get paid once, it will be much easier to convince others and help them if they decide to join.

Two weeks ago, I started a discussion called "Is myLotting hard for you?" Within minutes, I received millions of answers. Okay, maybe that is exaggerating a bit as there aren't even a million users on myLot. But my point is, this discussion was and still is popular. Every time I comment on the responses (which I am still working on), I receive even more responses. But the most important thing of all, is that almost every user, almost all 130 responses, stated that mylotting was easy for them.
I also made several interesting conclusions.

  1. Responding to discussions is easier than starting them
  2. People come to myLot in their FREE time
  3. Many people do not come to myLot for the money but for the opportunities it offers.
  4. For many people, English is not their first language
  5. The hardest thing about starting discussions is receiving responses to them
In the future, I will discuss how to make starting discussions easier. For now take a look at the discussion here: Is myLotting hard for you?

Here is a preview of the discussion:

The number of pages show that it exceeds over 100 responses (1o on each page.) You can read what the users have to say here: Is myLotting hard for you?

Here are some example responses:
"Actually mylotting is easy. It's easy to participate by expressing your views toward a topic. What is hard if the topics available are the the one you're not interested to comment. Starting a discussion is also easy. You can start a discussion anything under the sun what is only hard is how to attract fellow mylotters to give their responses towards it I don't use any reference in starting a discussion nor a rough draft. I just write what comes into my mind as am running out of time." - bing28
"Its not been hard. It is a freelance work. You write posts, start new discussions when you want, how many you want. Some mylot members have done thousands of posts. They either have been mylotting for very long or they work regularly submitting 10s of posts everyday." - user_786

"I come on mylot when ever i get a chance, i dont find it hard to respond to a discussion,as i only reply to the discussions that i know alot about.If i get the chance i try to respond to at least five discussions every time i come on mylot.As for starting a discussion i usually think about it before i put it on here.I have found mylot very useful as if i want an answer to a problem that i have with my pc i can get the answer on here.Happy mylotting." - jugsjugs

"It is not even four months I have been a member of mylot. But I am a die hard fan of it. Not that it gives me a lot of money but I like the friendship of the people across the globe and that I have been constantly developing in all spheres.

And therefore whenever I am on line first of all I go to mylot and see what is there and go to the scheduled one." - krajibg
myLotting is easier than ever with over 170,000 members to help you on out. And of course, there's always All About myLot to help you!
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In case you're not convinced, watch this video I found on YouTube. Hopefully it will show you what a great site myLot is.

**Note** This video is not mine and all credits go to the original maker.

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Your profile page is at It is a great way to reflect who you are or just to use it as a place for free advertising. Today I will show you how to add HTML code to your profile so that you can add banners, pictures, and more.

1. Click on Profile at the top

2. Click Edit Profile

3. Click add content

4. Choose HTML and click add item

5. Scroll down to the bottom of your profile page. You should see a blank box. Paste your code into the box and click Edit.

6. Click Save Changes to save.

7. Click View Profile to save and view your changes

This is how to add any HTML codes including referral banners.

To add feeds and payment proofs:
1. Go to
2. Click on Publicize
3. Click on Headline Animator. You can customize the settings to create a unique headline animator (blog feed banner)
4. Copy and paste the code into the empty box in your profile page.

This is a great way to show your recent posts of your blog on mylot without having to add it as your website.

There are many ways to add payment proofs (pictures) to your profile. I will discuss two ways.

To add pictures:

Upload them to mylot
1. You can upload them to mylot by clicking on Photos and uploading them there
2. Go to your Profile
3. Click Edit Profile
4. Click add sortie
5. Choose Photos
**Note** This option will not be available if it is already on your profile page.
6. Click Edit to save.
7. Click View Profile to save and view your changes

Upload them to photo sharing sites
You can upload your payment proofs and embed them into your profile page. There are many photo sharing sites. The popular ones are flickr and photobucket. I use photobucket and Shareapic, because Shareapic pays you for each view. I am not sure if they pay, but it is a great place just to upload photos. Please note that you can use any photo sharing site as long as they give you a HTML code to copy and paste.

1. Go to one of these sites (Note that this is a referral link. You can remove it if you wish.)
2. Upload your pictures
3. Look for a HTML/embed code
-For Flickr, find the picture you want. Then click on All sizes and copy and past the HTML code.
-For Photobucket, mouse over the picture you want and copy and paste the HTML code
-For shareapic, upload your photos, click on Galleries, click on Get Code, and copy and paste the HTML code for websites

**Note** To add more boxes for HTML code, repeat steps 1-7 again.

P.S. Sometimes the sortie does not save the code. To counter this problem, try these options:
1. Press enter after pasting the code
2. Press the space bar after pasting the code
3. Try again later.