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Your profile page is at It is a great way to reflect who you are or just to use it as a place for free advertising. Today I will show you how to add HTML code to your profile so that you can add banners, pictures, and more.

1. Click on Profile at the top

2. Click Edit Profile

3. Click add content

4. Choose HTML and click add item

5. Scroll down to the bottom of your profile page. You should see a blank box. Paste your code into the box and click Edit.

6. Click Save Changes to save.

7. Click View Profile to save and view your changes

This is how to add any HTML codes including referral banners.

To add feeds and payment proofs:
1. Go to
2. Click on Publicize
3. Click on Headline Animator. You can customize the settings to create a unique headline animator (blog feed banner)
4. Copy and paste the code into the empty box in your profile page.

This is a great way to show your recent posts of your blog on mylot without having to add it as your website.

There are many ways to add payment proofs (pictures) to your profile. I will discuss two ways.

To add pictures:

Upload them to mylot
1. You can upload them to mylot by clicking on Photos and uploading them there
2. Go to your Profile
3. Click Edit Profile
4. Click add sortie
5. Choose Photos
**Note** This option will not be available if it is already on your profile page.
6. Click Edit to save.
7. Click View Profile to save and view your changes

Upload them to photo sharing sites
You can upload your payment proofs and embed them into your profile page. There are many photo sharing sites. The popular ones are flickr and photobucket. I use photobucket and Shareapic, because Shareapic pays you for each view. I am not sure if they pay, but it is a great place just to upload photos. Please note that you can use any photo sharing site as long as they give you a HTML code to copy and paste.

1. Go to one of these sites (Note that this is a referral link. You can remove it if you wish.)
2. Upload your pictures
3. Look for a HTML/embed code
-For Flickr, find the picture you want. Then click on All sizes and copy and past the HTML code.
-For Photobucket, mouse over the picture you want and copy and paste the HTML code
-For shareapic, upload your photos, click on Galleries, click on Get Code, and copy and paste the HTML code for websites

**Note** To add more boxes for HTML code, repeat steps 1-7 again.

P.S. Sometimes the sortie does not save the code. To counter this problem, try these options:
1. Press enter after pasting the code
2. Press the space bar after pasting the code
3. Try again later.