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If you want to earn money at myLot while still enjoying all it has to offer, referrals are a definite must. But what are referrals, how do I get them, and how much can I earn from them? In this post, I will discuss the answer to these questions.

Who and What are referrals?
Referrals are anyone that joins myLot (or any other Get-Paid-To site) using your link. Your link in myLot can be found in the Earnings area under the Referrals tab. It will look something like this:
Referrals can be anyone, from family and friends, to co-workers and even random strangers you meet online. Whoever they are, referrals are a key to increaseing your earnings at myLot.

How do I get referrals?
There are many ways to gain referrals. The first way is the best and the easiest. Ask anyone you know, such as friends and family members, to join you in myLot. You can help them get started or redirect them to this blog. Family and friends are the best referrals because you are in contact with them offline and you can personally help them. It is also hard for them to resist as opposed to a complete stranger telling to join a site.
You could also do referral or link exchanges. You join someone's else site as their referral, and they do the same for you. Be careful though, this is an easy way to get scammed. However, if you join some forums, it can be easy to find trustworthy people to do link exchanges with. Remember to be honest and polite, and to stay active on other people's sites so they will do the same for you. Digital Point and Earn Money Space are two of my favorite forums.
Lastly, there are referral programs (websites) out there for gaining referrals. I would recommend this as a last resort. You can read more about them and how to use them by visiting this blog post: How to Use Referral Programs

How much can I earn from them?
This really depends on how active your referrals are and how many you have. It is very hard to find active members so don't be disappointed if you are not earning from your referrals. You only earn 25% from referrals, so if a referral only earns a cent a day, you won't always earn from them. The more referrals you have, the more chance that one will be active, and the more you will earn. I currently have 43 referrals, and most of them are inactive. Here is my earnings for the month of June so far:

As you can see, I have not been very active, and have earned only $0.10 from my referrals. But for most people that is still a lot. It means that you will have to earn less on your own to reach the minimum payout. Hopefully this can help you understand the potential of referral earnings.

Referrals are very hard to get. Consider yourself lucky if you have even one active referral. They will be very helpful in the long run. Because they are so hard to get, I recommend you reaching the minimum payout first and getting paid so that you can show potential referrals that myLot is not a scam and actually does pay. After you get paid once, it will be much easier to convince others and help them if they decide to join.