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Two weeks ago, I started a discussion called "Is myLotting hard for you?" Within minutes, I received millions of answers. Okay, maybe that is exaggerating a bit as there aren't even a million users on myLot. But my point is, this discussion was and still is popular. Every time I comment on the responses (which I am still working on), I receive even more responses. But the most important thing of all, is that almost every user, almost all 130 responses, stated that mylotting was easy for them.
I also made several interesting conclusions.

  1. Responding to discussions is easier than starting them
  2. People come to myLot in their FREE time
  3. Many people do not come to myLot for the money but for the opportunities it offers.
  4. For many people, English is not their first language
  5. The hardest thing about starting discussions is receiving responses to them
In the future, I will discuss how to make starting discussions easier. For now take a look at the discussion here: Is myLotting hard for you?

Here is a preview of the discussion:

The number of pages show that it exceeds over 100 responses (1o on each page.) You can read what the users have to say here: Is myLotting hard for you?

Here are some example responses:
"Actually mylotting is easy. It's easy to participate by expressing your views toward a topic. What is hard if the topics available are the the one you're not interested to comment. Starting a discussion is also easy. You can start a discussion anything under the sun what is only hard is how to attract fellow mylotters to give their responses towards it I don't use any reference in starting a discussion nor a rough draft. I just write what comes into my mind as am running out of time." - bing28
"Its not been hard. It is a freelance work. You write posts, start new discussions when you want, how many you want. Some mylot members have done thousands of posts. They either have been mylotting for very long or they work regularly submitting 10s of posts everyday." - user_786

"I come on mylot when ever i get a chance, i dont find it hard to respond to a discussion,as i only reply to the discussions that i know alot about.If i get the chance i try to respond to at least five discussions every time i come on mylot.As for starting a discussion i usually think about it before i put it on here.I have found mylot very useful as if i want an answer to a problem that i have with my pc i can get the answer on here.Happy mylotting." - jugsjugs

"It is not even four months I have been a member of mylot. But I am a die hard fan of it. Not that it gives me a lot of money but I like the friendship of the people across the globe and that I have been constantly developing in all spheres.

And therefore whenever I am on line first of all I go to mylot and see what is there and go to the scheduled one." - krajibg
myLotting is easier than ever with over 170,000 members to help you on out. And of course, there's always All About myLot to help you!
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