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This is a detailed How-To of signing up for myLot. I have included a picture this time!

first name - enter your first name
last name - enter your last name
username - enter a username - choose carefully! You are stuck with this for life!
email - enter your email - mylot will send a confirmation email so make sure it is a valid email!
confirm email - enter your email again for confirmation
password - enter a password, you can change this later
confirm password - enter your password again for confirmation
birth date - choose your birthday using the drop down menus
**Note** You must be at least 16 years old to sign up!
gender - choose male or female using the drop down menu
Make sure you check the 2nd box that says "I agree..." or else you cannot sign up!

Are you a member of myLot? Have something to say about myLot? Or anything for that fact. Want to share your experiences? Have your say in the comments!