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There are three espcially important landmarks at myLot.

100 posts - The first one is at 100 posts and is the start of the ratings. You get star ratings and this is very controversial. People begin to wonder what that star means. It is what people rate you. There is a + and - and ! by every discussion and response, except yours of course. If people like your content, they will usually give you a + and vice versa. However, if your content is against the guidelines, then people will report it with the red ! and mylot may delete your discussion. Your star rating will increase and decrease according to how people rate you.

200 posts - This is where the fun comes in. You can now use emotions (smileys) and special effects on words such as bold, italics, and underlining.

500 posts - At 500 posts, you are granted the power to copy-and-paste. Copy-and-paste has been disabled to reduce spam. And it is very good thing too and the only reason that myLot has so many quality discussions. But now, you can copy-and-paste as much as you like, but of course, you should be responsible and read the guidelines!