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Here are five helpful tips to earn at mylot.

  1. Read the FAQ and Guidelines. You should know what is allowed and not allowed in the discussoin area. If a discussion violates the guidelines, it will be deleted, along with all your responses and earnings. This is why you may see a decrease in post count or earnings.
  2. Don't post links if possible. The guidelines states that advertising is not allowed. Posting links to blogs or GPT sites is considered advertising and will get your discussion/response deleted.
  3. Choose topics of your interests. There are literally hundreds of topics to choose from. Don't post in a section that is boring for you. Pick your interests carefully as they will be where you will post most often.
  4. Make friends. Friends will see discussions you started and many of them will respond to them. More responses means more earnings.
  5. Have fun! If you have fun, you will make more posts than when you just think about the money. Try to have fun and you will eventually enjoy it.
I hope you find these tips helpful!