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How to Use the Search Bar

One thing you should always do before starting a discussion is to search for similar discussions. To do this, you must use the search feature at the top of every page. The myLot search bar is powered by Yahoo! Search and has six options.

Here is a list of the six options and when to use each of them:

  • Web - The “web” option allows you to search the web without leaving myLot or opening a new window or tab. This can be useful if you need something from the internet. Remember that myLot search is powered by Yahoo!
  • myLot - This option will let you search myLot as if it were the web. You can search discussions, tags, interests, myLot users and many others things related to myLot. There will be many results as it is not narrowed down as much as it could be.
  • Discussions - This is the option you want if you want to search for similar discussions. This will only search tags unless you mark the “full-text” option.
  • Blogs - Mylot has a section on blogs, and that is what this option will search for. Generally, there won’t be many results unless you are very broad because there are not as many blogs on myLot as there are discussions.
  • Photos - When someone uploads a picture, a title, description, and tags are required to finish the uploading process. This is to make it easier for people to find pictures they want on myLot.
  • Messages - This is the last option. The success of searching messages is based on how well you tag your messages and how well others tag their messages. This is why it is important to tag messages as well as discussions. You will probably not use this option as much as searching through PM is not always necessary.
By choosing the appropriate option, you will get better results which can make a lot of difference. You can save yourself a lot of work by searching for similar discussions. Usually, it is okay to start a discussion if it is over a year old but you should always check when the last response was.