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Here is what it says:
"The myLot “Stimulus Package” has arrived!

It has finally arrived, the myLot Stimulus Package is here! You can now earn money on myLot by completing tasks that myLot and select partners have offered on myLot Tasks. The types of tasks vary as does the reward and required time frame for completion for each task. Critical information for each task can be found within the specific task.

I am sure the first question that many of you have is how do I get paid. Every time a task you have completed is approved by the tasks creator your myLot account will be credited with the reward specified. Once you accumulate $10 in myLot earnings and have entered the required information to be paid, such as a valid name and PayPal account, you will be paid via normal myLot monthly payments.

Probably the next question you have is how do I get started. To find available myLot Tasks first click on the tasks menu item from most any myLot page. This will take you to your myLot Tasks dashboard where you will find some high level information about tasks you have completed. Here you will also see various tabs including available, in progress, completed and returned. Click on the available tab and you will see a list of available tasks that can be sorted a variety of way. Find a task that you are qualified for and can complete within the allotted time frame and accept it. Submit the task within in the required time frame and wait for a response from the tasks creator. Once your task is approved watch the money pile up.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this new feature. So what are you waiting for, get going to myLot Tasks."

The new feature has now been revealed and can be found at myLot under the Tasks section. You must be a member to complete tasks and be rewarded for them. Click here to sign up! Now there is another way to make money, this is another reason to join myLot. More information will be posted as we get to know the Tasks section better and bugs are found and ironed out.