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I have seen that many of you enjoyed my ebook "Top 10 Ways to Earn Money Online Using MyLot." In order to provide readers with more helpful tips to earning at myLot, I will post some tips by a very helpful, friendly, and might I add, successful mylotter, mysdianait. She calls it the "ABC to Successful mylotting."

"Active users are those who visit discussions by their friends.

Be friends with everyone.

Comment back to those who respond to you. The more you comment the more others will respond and become your friends.

Discussions merit at least one response. If a user has taken the time to create a discussion he deserves to be rewarded, even those that are violating. A helpful user who informs why the discussion is not within the rules will win a friend.

Every user is unique and a*star* in his own right on MyLot.

Fun makes time pass quickly. The more fun you are having the more time passes."
Check out the rest on this discussion at myLot! ABC to Successful mylotting

P.S. Please do not copy these as they are someone else's work. I have received special permissions to use them. So please ask the original writer before using them!

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