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Background Info
A discussion is like a thread or topic in a traditional forum. It lets users ask question, share their opinion on a topic, or just talk about what they did. To earn money, you need to respond or reply to these discussions. Note that respond and reply mean the same thing, and the respond can be used as a noun as "response."

There are 3 main places to get discussions to reply to.
A. Discussions My Friends Started

B. Interests

C. Daily Top Discussions

There are many more places to get discussions but I would recommend starting out with these.

How to Reply to a Discussion
1. Find a discussion you would like to respond to in one of these areas
  • discussions my friends started
  • interests
  • today's top discussions
2. Click on Respond at the end of the discussion

3. Type in your response

4. Click Preview Response to make changes or Post Response when you are done

5. Add tags

6. Optional: add interest if it asks you to

Now your response has been posted and is visible for anyone to comment on!

**Note** Remember to respond back to any comments left by the discussion starter or anyone else!