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MyLot gives you a default referral link that goes to the homepage. But what if you want the referral to go to your profile page? Or the What is myLot page? There is a quick and easy fix to this problem.

1. Log into myLot
2. Mouse over on Earnings and click on Referrals
3. Scroll to the bottom of the page for your referral link. It looks like this

Here is your myLot referral link:
Everyone's referral link will be different. Your username comes after the "?ref=" as shown in red above.

Below it you will see these directions:

You can also append ?ref=snam23 to the end of any URL on myLot and create a custom referral link.
4. Find a link you want.
I will use the What is myLot page?
5. Paste the appendix to your URL to create a custom referral link!
Continuing on with the example:

Some other links you may want to try are:
Your profile:
What is myLot?:
And you're done! There's your custom referral link!