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Mylot released a new alert today informing users of the enhancements and downtime the Tasks section will experience over the next few days. It looks like myLot is bringing some changes and enhancements to the Tasks tab. Check out the picture for the full alert.

"We are getting ready to roll out a significant enhancement to myLot tasks. As part of the roll out, we have to temporarily remove tasks from myLot. This should only be for a short time so check back soon. You will not lose any task earnings you have accumulated thus far and tasks you have accepted will be available for submission or approval when tasks are once again avaliable. Sorry for any inconvenience but we believe you will love the enhancement."

Well, at least myLot does a good job of communicating with its users. I don't know about those enhancements though. myLot promised the new feature would be "fun" but many users have stayed with discussions because tasks are no fun. We shall see if myLot has learned their lesson. Stay tune for more updates! Feel free to comment in the comments or in the chatbox below.